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Feb31st Daniel 49x19 Feb2.0

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Welcome to Perfect Vision, the online store for the FEB31st eyewear collection. Our founder, Karen, is a proud owner and collector of FEB31st eyewear, which includes a variety of unique and stylish frames.

At Perfect Vision, you can find FEB31st eyewear in various colors and designs, including the iconic Rainbow frame that Karen loves to wear. Additionally, we offer personalized options, such as adding custom engravings or etchings to the frames, like Karen's olive green frame with a picture of a Tibetan terrier etched onto the side.

FEB31st is an Italian firm that embodies the spirit of innovation and flexibility. FEB31st wanted to create a reliable form of light manufacturing while also respecting the environment and the skills of our artisans. They believe in offering our customers the freedom of choice and genuinely tailor-made objects.

You might be wondering why they are called FEB31st - it's because they are the type of firm that some might say doesn't exist. But they are real, and are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, unique eyewear that's both stylish and sustainable.

Shop the FEB31st collection at Perfect Vision and experience the difference that tailor-made eyewear can make.