Cerium Coloured Overlays


Cerium Coloured Overlays

Cerium Coloured Overlays are used widely both in the classroom and by vision professionals in practice. Significant improvements in both reading rate and accuracy are common when the optimum overlay is prescribed.

Cerium Overlays are coloured sheets of robust transparent plastic that are placed over a page of text when reading. The overlay assessment packs are used as a screening tool to identify the benefits of working with colour.

The Cerium premium overlay testing set includes the Wilkins Rate of Reading Test, which measures improvements in both reading speed and accuracy with the chosen optimum overlay.

What we can do?

Our team of opticians have a special interest in children's vision and can undertake a special investigation of vision in relation to reading and learning.

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire giving us a detailed history.

The assessment will take about an hour and in addition to the normal eye test, which will rule out the basics, we will look at eye dominance, tracking, reading speed, muscle balance and colour preference.