Contact Lenses Overview

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses should be part of everyone's visual solutions. Whether you wear them just for couple of hours at the gym or every day can be your choice based on convenience, vision and the look you want to achieve. We like to separate our fees for professional health care from the contact lens product so you know exactly what you are paying for. Our prices start from 70p per day for daily disposables. We fit all the best big brands: such as Acuvue, Ciba Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Coopervision and smaller specialised ones like Sauflon, Ultravision. We have excellent relationships with these suppliers and undertake research trials on new contact lenses for them. However our Optometrists always offer personalised care: we will suggest contact lenses to give you the best comfort and vision to suit your budget.

If you have worn lenses before

We ask you what is good about your current lenses and what you feel could be improved.

We often find that current wearers are wearing "old fashioned" hydrogel lenses. In most cases these have been superceded by silicon hydrogel designs that offer improved comfort, clarity and health therefore improving quality of life.

We will check the current contact lenses on your eye and your eye health. We may recommend a newer design of contact lens. It is also possible that your current lenses are the best available for you but you'd like us to supply them.

If you decide to change contact lens following our discussion, we'll give you a 1-2 week "free" trial to make sure everything is perfect.


If you have not worn lenses before

We'll talk to you about your lifestyle. When will contact lenses make your life easier?

We'll give you an idea of potential fee and contact lens costs.

We'll measure the shape of the front of your eye and give this information to our optometrist before they see you. They will look at the front of your eye with the biomicroscope to record baseline information. They will let you feel a contact lens on your eye and check your vision. This takes about half an hour

We'll then teach you how to apply a contact lens and how to remove it. This usually takes about 20 minutes. We'll then give you a 1-2 week "free" trial before you order your first lenses.