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What is Low Vision?

Mobilux Illuminated pocket MagnifiersThe degree of low will vary between individuals and will depend upon the underlying cause or condition.
The majority of us who have blurred vision simply correct this by wearing spectacles. However, when a person has reduced vision in both eyes which cannot be improved with conventional spectacles, they may be described as having low vision.

Although some individuals may be born with poor sight, the vas majority have low vision as a result of a condition or disease that they have acquired in later life.

Individuals may develop low vision as a result of an eye disease, such as glaucoma or a general medical condition, such as diabetes. Condition such as Age Related Macular Degeneration affect many elderly people.

A patient with low vision may be described as Visually Impaired, particularly if the level of sight loss affects them in their daily lives.


What are Low Vision Aids?


stand magnifiers & reading magnifiers

It makes sense that if we are unable to see something we either get closer to it or try to make it bigger in some way. That is the basis of using magnification and Low Vision Aids.

Most people with low vision need assistance in reading to continue leading an independent life, whether reading a newspaper or checking supermarket prices. Magnification can assist most people suffering from sight loss

There are no harmful effect of using magnification, but choosing the correct level can avoid a lot of frustration and disappointment.

Anyone suffering from sight loss may benefit from using a Low Vision Aid. The range of magnification obtained from optical and electronic devices will assist most individuals.


Our personalised Low Vision Services, provided general and private clinics in Hullbridge. By providing a comprehensive assessment of the special needs of visually impaired clients, we offer a full range of optical low vision aids and Electronic Vision Enhancement systems at competitive price.

 In addition, we can offer helpful tips and hints on how best to use magnification, thereby getting the most out of your low vision aid.

If you feel that you or a family member would benefit from a formal low vision assessment, please feel free to contact us for further details.

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