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Here at Perfect Vision we pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of the lenses we supply. Glazing these lenses in our own workshop ensures this high level of craftsmanship is maintained through to the finished pair of spectacles. At Perfect Vision we are partners with:



Over the past few years lens design and technology has advanced rapidly, producing a large range of options available to you.

The most popular advances include:-

  • Higher density glass and plastic materials allowing higher prescriptions to be made thinner, flatter and lighter.

  • Coatings to increase clarity and reduce unwanted reflections and glare.

Lenses can be cut in a number of ways to suit your personal requirements;

  • Single vision lenses ideal for day to day use, can be made to whichever distance you need whether it be reading, driving or computer work. Single vision lenses have one focal distance in the lens

  • Bi-focal lenses are perfect for reading and still offer the longer distance vision when you need it. Bifocal lenses have two distances in one lens.

  • Varifocals take the bi-focal concept a step further, offering a range of focal points depending on where you look. Varifocals are ideal if you want to be able to wear your glasses constantly without worrying about not being able to see at certain distances. Varifocal lenses have three distances in one lens.

  • New Varifocals designs which soften inherent distortions, making focusing at all distances more natural, and the lenses easier to wear.

Once you’ve chosen the type of lens you want, you can add on extras, such as the following;

  • Tints can be useful to reduce the glare of your computer screen which may help reduce headaches and migraines, or can be added just for fashion!

  • Coatings come in many forms; Mirror coatings help reduce glare and acts as a two-way mirror, which means you can see out, but people can’t see in. Anti-reflective lenses reduce glare and scratches. Hard coatings help reducscratches. Polarised coatings completely eliminate glare, reflections and reduce brightness.

  • UV Coatings Unlike traditional AR coatings, this new coating allows the ultraviolet radiation in the UVA range.

    This prevents reflection of dangerous radiation from the interior surface of the lens to the eye, ensuring better protection.

  • Photochromics such as Transitions and Sunsensors automatically change from clear to dark in presence of UV radiation from sunlight. 

  • High Index lenses are thinner and lighter than traditional lenses and are available in most prescriptions. Please call in to see a member of our dispensing staff to discuss whether this option is suitable for you.

  • We also offer digitally enhanced customised lenses and Pro Digital Freeform Varifocals.

As as independent group we are not tied to any single lens manufacturer, and have the freedom to choose from the world's leading manufacturers, including Essilor, Seiko, Shamir, Zeiss and Transition.

Lens technology is changing constantly, so contact us today to discuss what we can do for you, or book an eye test

For all prescription glazing you'll need to visit Perfect Vision. You can bring your prescription into us or if you haven't had an eye examination for over 1 year we would recommend you to have an up-to date eye examination. 

Perfect Vision can offer the best Performance lenses to suit you and your sport.