Specialist Services

Glaucoma Referral Refinement. With our recent implementation in Essex “Glaucoma Referral Refinement Scheme” and in partnership with the local hospitals, patients with suspected glaucoma are preliminary assessed at our practice. We are proud to be able to offer this specialist community clinic within our professional practice environment. With our state of the art equipment, we provide a thorough glaucoma assessment for these patients. Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness in the UK and can go undiagnosed for many years as it is initially asymptomatic. Regular eye examinations will show very early symptoms of this life changing disease. If recognised in its early stages, glaucoma can be easily stabilised.

Retinal Image As part of our commitment to provide you with the very highest standard of eye care we include Retinal imaging as standard in our comprehensive eye examinations. A state of the art Digital retinal camera is used to capture photographic images of the back of your eyes. This technique is one of the most accurate and advanced ways of screening for many different eye diseases as it allows us to inspect the retina in far more detail compared to conventional methods which were previously relied on.    The detection of certain such conditions include Glaucoma, Diabetes, Hypertension and Age related Macular Degeneration to name a few can be made easily and earlier thus limiting any unnecessary loss of vision.  

Low Vision Aids & Clinic. We can offer general and private Low Vision Clinics. Our comprehensive assessment of the special needs of visually impaired clients, we offer a full range of optical low aids and Electronic Vision Enhancement systems at competitive price.

In addition, we can offer helpful tips and hints on how best to use magnification, thereby getting most out of your low vision aid.

If you feel that you or a family member would benefit from a formal low vision assessment.

Mobilux Touch HDMobilux LED

Dry Eye Assessment. Many people suffer from Dry Eye Symptoms, varying from mild irritation to constant discomfort.  Dry Eye symptoms can also present as overly watery eyes!   

These symptoms can affect your life, including work and social interactions.  At its most extreme, Dry Eye can cause lasting damage to the eye's surface. We stock a range of Dry Eye products designed to help relieve symptoms, including iLast Care Cream and Eye Doctor Mask.  If you think you have Dry Eye, please book an appointment with us and we will be able to work out your best treatment options.

Behavioural Optometry is a special aspect of eye care that eye care professionals can choose to study above and beyond normal practice.  

Designed to improve how well you see, a Behavioural Optometrist will create an individual treatment programme based on the need of the specific patient.    

It is used to complement, not replace, spectacles, contact lenses and or / eye disease treatment. This therapy can be just as beneficial to adults as it can be to children, and it can also be part of the rehabilitation programme for patients that have suffered a stroke or head injury.   

Behavioural Optometry is an additional service above and beyond your NHS entitlement but we do offer an eye care scheme to make payments more affordable.

Schoolvision studies how the two eyes work together when performing tasks such as reading. Following assessment, those children that could benefit further are prescribed spectacles with a colour tint and / or prism correction to give them comfortable, stable vision.Once the assessment and treatment are complete, the patient should enjoy better performance as school, increased confidence, reduced tiredness and reduced anxiety. A reduction in headaches and migraines has also occurred in many children who have undergone the Schoolvision programme.  

Schoolvision is an additional service above and beyond your NHS entitlement but we do offer an eye care scheme to make payments more affordable.